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Welcome to Anders Böhlmark´s homepage
Anders Böhlmark Anders Böhlmark
Assistant Professor of Economics
Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)
Stockholm University
SE-10691 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 162513
Fax: +46 8 154670

Main research interests
Economics of Education, International Migration, Labor Economics

Publications and working papers
"Life-Cycle Variations in the Association between Current and Lifetime Income: Replication and Extension for Sweden"(with Matthew Lindquist), Journal of Labor Economics 24(4), October 2006, 879-96.

"Age at Immigration and School Performance: A Siblings Analysis Using Swedish Register Data", Labour Economics 15(6), December 2008, 1366-1387.

"Integration of Childhood Immigrants in the Short and Long Run - Swedish Evidence", International Migration Review 43(2), Summer 2009, 387-409.

"Age at Migration and Social Integration"(with Olof Åslund and Oskar Nordström Skans), 2009 IZA DP No. 4263. [Under revision for Labour Economics]

"Independent Schools and Long-Run Educational Outcomes - Evidence from Sweden's Large Scale Voucher Reform"(with Mikael Lindahl), forthcoming Economica

“The Headmaster Ritual: The importance of managers for school outcomes”(with Erik Grönqvist and Jonas Vlachos), 2012, IFAU WP 2012:16 [Under revision for Scandinavian Journal of Economics]

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