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Welcome to Ola Sjoberg´s homepage
Ola Sjoberg Ola Sjoberg
Professor of Sociology
Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)
Stockholm University
SE-10691 Stockholm

Phone: +46 8 162150
Fax: +46 8 154670

Research interests
My main interests are comparative social policy and labour market research. Recently, I have been conducting research on social policies in transition countries and developing countries; unemployment insurance, well-being and skill formation; the impact of temporary employment on labour market and demographic careers; and tax policy (especially capital taxation). For a complete list of my publications, see my CV. I became associate professor of Sociology in 2006. In 2010 I became professor of sociology. Since january 2009 I am deputy director at the Swedish Institute for Social Research.
Recent publications
Sjöberg, O. (2010). “Social Insurance as a Collective Resource: Unemployment Benefits, Job Insecurity and Subjective Well-being in a Comparative Perspective”. Social Forces, vol. 88(3): 1281-1304.
Sjöberg, O., J. Palme and E. Carroll. (2010) “Unemployment Insurance”. In The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Sjöberg, O. (2010). “Ambivalent Attitudes, Contradictory Institutions: Ambivalence in Gender-Role Attitudes in Comparative Perspective”. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, vol. 51(1-2): 33-57.
Ferrarini, T., K. Nelson och O. Sjöberg. (2010). ”Multipla sociala problem: Sverige i jämförande belysning”. In Socialstyrelsen, Social Rapport 2010. Stockholm: Socialstyrelsen.
Sjöberg, O., J. Palme, K. Nelson and R. Minas) (2009). European Social Models, Protection and Inclusion. Research Report 2009/1, Institute for Futures Studies.
Sjöberg, O. (2009) “Corporate Governance and Earnings Inequality in the OECD Countries 1979–2000”. European Sociological Review, vol. 25(5): 519-534.
I. Esser, T. Ferrarini, K. Nelson and O . Sjöberg (2009) “A Framework for Comparing Social Protection in Developing and Developed Countries: The Example of Child Benefits”. International Social Security Review, vol. 62(1): 91-115.

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